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Hi! I'm a web dev and creative from germany that likes building cool stuff. Most of my work is based around frontend technologies like Vue.js, or anything game dev-related.

I'm passionate about projects that surprise and excite their users. This site gives you an overview of what I've worked on and what I'm doing next.

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  • game development
    Creating interactive digital experiences and crafting captivating stories.

    PhaserJS. Construct 3. Game Maker Studio. RPG Maker.

  • web development
    Everything JavaScript. TypeScript, Vue and Nuxt, Node.js and testing frameworks.

    TypeScript. Vue. Nuxt. SCSS. node.js.

  • digital art
    From pixel art to 3D modelling to music production. Digital everything.

    Affinity. FL Studio. Aseprite. Final Cut Pro. Spline.

All projects


Are you interested in my projects or would like to collaborate? The best way to reach me is my Twitter: